Hangman C Application

What it does:

This is a quick demo of an application i wrote in C. Ive included the source files and word list.
The ui is currently in norwegian, but the wordlist is in english. To run the exe, the .txt file must be in the same directory as the exe.




The source files can be downloaded from my github: https://github.com/metrafonic/HangmanC
Feel free to modify the application to suit your needs.

JSON Visualizer Android


What it Does:

Make any JSON file come alive

Ever wanted to see what was really inside that json string, without actually having to dig in between the layers and layers of text. I decided it was time to create an android app to vizualize the content of any JSON string.

The times of digging through piles of text are over!


  • Navigate your way through Jason code
  • View JSON Objects, JSON Arrays, Strings & Integers
  • Stylish interface


  • 1.0 - First stable release. Basic viewing features added.

Current Development:

Play Store - Official Releases

Github - Repository

Jenkins - View current build status

Releases Mirror - APKs and Nightlies


CouchDroid Android

CouchDroid for Android is the perfect app for managing your CouchPotato Library and Wanted list. Setup is a breeze and new movies are just a click away

CouchDroid Android

What it does:

CouchDroid is an easy and stylish way to control your CouchPotatov2 server from your phone or tablet. Manage your movies or add new ones to the wanted list with a single tap.


  • Search for movies using the search activity
  • Add movies to the wanted list
  • Remove movies from wanted list
  • Watch movie trailers while viewing the movieinfo
  • Movie Manager
  • Couchpotato like layout, made to be as easy to use as the web interface
  • Tablet support, landscape orientation- still in progress
  • Basicauth authentication


  • 2.1-beta:

    • Major Release
    • Brand new underlying framework:
      • 4x faster loading speed
      • Easier navigation
      • Stability, no more crashes
      • Support for large libraries
    • New theme, looks even more like couchpotato
    • Tab support
    • Home tab for viewing newly snatched movies
  • 0.10-alpha:

    • Added new setup wizard. The wizard automatically gets the API key and sets up basic authentication for you. It is also able to troubleshoot any connectivity problems.
    • Support for http authentication.
    • Support for web directories. This has been implicated from the start, but was hiddden until this release.
    • Stability fixes
  • 0.8-alpha:

    • Added Trailers. Uses the Youtube api. Since couchpotato does not supply the app with a youtube url, the app searches for one. Search still a bit buggy.
    • Stability fixes

Current Development:

Fork & Build - GitHub

Download - Play Store